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In 1998, the brand of Gooddoctor was founded。

In January 2001,an activity named Gooddoctor Sends Warmness to Red Army Veterans was held in Sichuan, which was reported by Sichuan TV, Chengdu TV, Sichuan Education TV, Chengdu Commerce Daily and other media. The activity successfully won the favor of and was greatly appreciated by the society, symbolizing the market entry of the brand of Gooddoctor .

In July 2001, the company supported the signing activity for Beijing’s successful bid for the 2008 Olympic Games. During the activity, Gooddoctor’s local sales representatives’ warm welcome drew close attentions from the local media, which became a primary success for Gooddoctor brand in breaking out region limitation.

In September 2001, the company sponsored an activity named Sell Books With Signatures of Milu((Bora Milutinovic))and Li Xiang and granted Milu the title of Gooddoctor of China Football Team, which was quickly reported by the media and greatly increased the popularity of Gooddoctor brand among consumers.

In 2002, Gooddoctor’s marketing network rapidly expanded and the sales offices throughout the countries were set up within only two months’ time.

In 2003,Gooddoctor brand started frequently appearing in various medical activities and drug fairs, which has greatly contributed to establishing the position of a famous brand in China pharmaceutical industry. Gooddoctor was the first in China to introduce act art into pharmaceutical industry.

In 2004, Sichuan Gooddoctor Martial Art Team was formally founded.

In 2004, Gooddoctor brand was awarded as ‘Famous Brand in China’.



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