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Sichuan Gooddoctor Panxi Pharmaceuticals

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Sichuan Gooddoctor Panxi Pharmaceuticals—mainly manufacturing TCM preparations
Sichuan Gooddoctor Panxi Pharmaceuticals is located along Airport Rd, Xichang of Sichuan Province, and is a National Hi-tech Enterprise, Sichuan Enterprise Technology Centre, and Sichuan Innovative Enterprise, and established the first Provincial Academician Workstation and Post-doctorate Workstation in the three prefectures of Sichuan province. The company has a staff of over 300 employees, 105 of whom have professional qualifications, accounting for over1/3 of the total staff. The facility covers a total area of 80084 m2 with 7 production lines for tincture, syrup, solution, granule, tablet, capsule and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). The currently registered varieties are over 50, 20 of them listed in the Catalogue of Drugs for Basic National Medical Insurance and 6 are National Protected Varieties of Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as Gooddoctor Kangfuxin Liquid, Gooddoctor Compound Chenxiang Weipian Tablet, and Gooddoctor Kanggan Granule. The company has the first medicinal insect breeding base of GAP standard—Gooddoctor Periplaneta Americana breeding base.

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