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Shanxi Gooddoctor Pharmaceuticals

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Shanxi Gooddoctor Pharmaceuticals is a modern pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise acquired by Gooddoctor Pharmaceutical Group. Located in Datong--a national famous historical and cultural city, the company is one of the largest solid preparation manufacturing pharmaceutical enterprises in Shanxi Province, and is also a generic drug scale-production base in northern Shanxi with an annual production capacity of 6 billion Capsule (Tablet).
The company currently has 72 registered varieties, of which, Amoxicillin Capsule, Ranitidine Hydrochlorlde Capsule, and Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Tablet won gold award in the Sixth Asian Academic Conference of Traditional Chinese Medicine & International Exposition for Traditional Medicine (Thailand)  
The company has kept strengthening R&D capability and the newly approved Clarithromycin Capsule, Compound Tramadol, and Domperidone Tablet is already on the market. Under the favorable environment of the Twelfth Five Year Plan for national pharmaceutical industry, the brand of Gooddoctor shall surely promote Shanxi Gooddoctor pharmaceuticals for a new round of leapfrog development!
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